Vaping While Driving – Things To Keep In Mind

Vaping While Driving – Things To Keep In Mind

First and foremost, we are going to address the most important question – is it illegal to vape while you’ve hit the road? Well, as per recent reports in the media, it seems like vaping in the car is a criminal act. Well, that is just the narrative. It is far from the truth. There is no such law. You don’t have to be worried at all. But there are things you need to keep in mind. There is no specific law that deals with vaping while driving. But if we are talking about careless driving assisted by vaping, then it can lead to trouble. You need to keep in mind that you create a cloud while vaping, which may affect your ability to see the road while you are driving. You will get into trouble only if you are into such shenanigans.

The laws in place

Let’s have a look at the laws in place. Even though there are no direct law that prevent you from vaping while driving, certain activities can create friction with the law enforcement agencies. You are already aware of the laws regarding texting while driving. The same law can be applicable in the case of using an electronic device while driving. The electronic device can be your mobile phone or your e-cigarette. This lets the authorities to come after you. Even though there are not many reported instances, it has still happened. Being mindful of this law is going to save you some trouble.

Windshield obstruction

  • As far as the visibility and condition of windshields are concerned, different laws are in place in different countries. We are talking about safety standards here. For instance it is important to have working vipers if you don’t want to be get into trouble.
  • You have to give utmost importance to safety while driving.
  • Even though there are no specific law regarding the vapor produced by e-cigarette, but it can be linked to the windshield obstruction. If you are not considering the fact that vapor can block your view, then it can be a problem.
  • You are supposed to make sure that nothing covers the windshield side. The idea is to not have no-transparent objects blocking the visibility. They will consider vapor as a non-transparent entity. As we all know, vapor can block your view which is not a good thing at all. As far as the level of obstruction is concerned, it will be decided by the law enforcement officer.
  • You should stay away from the temptation of cloud chasing. You should be careful not to break the laws. The law enforcement agency could misuse the laws. So being little careful is always helpful.
  • Also, it is literally dangerous to use a vapor while driving. Driving requires your single-minded focus. You should not engage in any other activity while you are on the driving seat. Keeping your own safety in mind, you should not touch the vapor while driving. If you wish to have a puff, you can stop the car and have a dose.