Vaping Queries Which Will Make You Laugh

Vaping Queries Which Will Make You Laugh

The popularity of e-cigarettes has been on the rise globally. However, there is mystery surrounding vaping. On top of it, you come across worrisome and misleading media-headlines about e-cigarettes. Naturally, you have plenty of unanswered questions before you regarding the same. Internet feeds into the fears people have about e-cigarettes thanks to fake news sites and forums. When you do a simple Google search on e-cigarettes you will be bombarded with lot of misinformation which is really hard to fight. Well, we are going to bust some of those myths regarding vaping. There are plenty of myths for that matter. We hope to address few for that matter.

Losing teeth

As far as heavy smokers are concerned, we are all aware of the fact that they might have yellow, ugly teeth compared to a non-smoker. In that case of we don’t have that risk. But you might lose your teeth if you are into vaping – this is what internet will try to make you believe. You need to understand the fact your teeth will not fall out just because you are into vaping. This is a totally false and ignorant claim. Well, in some cases you might have to deal with recession of the gums. That is the worst possible outcome. Even in this case, you can stop it by using nicotine-free e-juice. Studies have revealed that vapers had good oral health compared to cigarette smokers.

Drinking e-liquid

  • Some people wonder about drinking the e-liquid which is really dangerous. You should totally stay away from it.
  • Why they want to drink e-liquid? Because they are curious about the taste of it. Well, this is the worst idea you can think of.
  • If you don’t want to be subjected to nicotine overdose then you must stay away from doing such foolish things. In some extreme cases even death can occur.
  • As per the studies 50-60 mg nicotine is enough to kill a human being. Even if it doesn’t kill you it can seriously damage your body. Or in other words, curiosity can kill you.

E-juice tastes like body spray?

People have this question when it comes to runtz flavored e-cigarette. They complain that it tastes like body spray. Well, this is connected to the fear that vaping can cause cancer. Well, you are totally misinformed here. Cigarettes are known to cause cancer – e-cigarettes are not known for the same. E-cigarettes are far less harmful compared to regular cigarettes since there is no tobacco combustion during vaping. But there have been studies about e-cigarettes causing damage to your DNA cells. But no studies have conclusively said that e-cigarettes can cause cancer.

Read scientific research

Yes, we are bombarded with misinformation thanks to the internet. It is difficult to fight fake news. Then how to retrieve proper information regarding the same? Well, you should read scientific research on this topic which will give you credible information on this subject. You should stay away from forums and fakes news websites. This is the most effective way to bust all those myths regarding e-cigarettes.…