Vaping – Picking The Right Nicotine Level

Vaping – Picking The Right Nicotine Level

As far as vaping is concerned, it is really important to pick the right nicotine level. If you don’t watch out for the level of nicotine you consume then you will be in trouble. You don’t want to be in this situation. You don’t need to worry as we are here to provide all the answers you have been looking for. We are going to look at the most frequently asked questions regarding this so that you will have some clarity. Nicotine levels vary from product to product. Your individual tolerance level is a big factor here.

Significance of nicotine levels

Are you planning to switch to vaping from regular smoking? Then you need to learn more about this:

  • As far as nicotine level is concerned, it is all about matching the nicotine level you used to consume as a cigarette smoker. This is very important.
  • If you don’t get the same dose from vaping then you are most likely to go back to smoking.
  • People vape because they want the same experience of smoking cigarette. They expect the device to replicate the same experience. They want the same level of nicotine. They want the same kind of throat hit.
  • As far as ex-smokers are concerned, they are looking for an alternative which will provide the same strength. It is all about finding a comfortable strength for them.
  • There are others who would like to start with their regular strength then reduce the strength to zero gradually. Though this is easier said than done, many have warmed up to e-cigarettes for the same.

The effect of nicotine

It is important to assess the effect of nicotine in your body. It is really addictive. And that is why you crave for cigarettes every once in a while. You end up smoking more number of cigarettes in the end which will leave your body vulnerable. Therefore, one has to pay attention to the nicotine strength you have chosen. Finding the right nicotine level is really important. This will help you to stick with e-cig only; otherwise you would try to go back to your regular cigarette fix. Also, those who have never used e-cigarette might take a while to get adjusted to it. You will take a while to find the right e-liquid.

Comparing the experiences

Many ask this question – vaping experience is same as smoking? If you are looking for a blunt answer then the answer is NO. It is not an exact replica. But they have done everything to provide the same look and feel. When you vape, you will be inhaling vapor whereas in the case of smoking you will be inhaling smoke. This is the main difference between these 2 experiences. Even though there are similarities there are considerable differences too. You need to look into the nicotine strength for the same reason. As far as the amount of nicotine which enters your system, it is about how deeply you inhale it. But in the case of a cigarette you take breaks in-between which makes sure that you don’t inhale all of the nicotine.…