How To Be A Responsible Parent When You Vape

How To Be A Responsible Parent When You Vape

If you’re a parent who likes to vape then you might be wondering how to do it safely around your kids. It can be a bit of minefield navigating the world of e cigarettes Australia use, especially when you have children of your own to think about. There is a lot of anti-vape sentiment in the media at the moment in connections to teens, and because vaping is relatively new, we aren’t yet able to draw conclusions about its long-term health impacts. The current climate is a recipe for some serious parental guilt when it comes to the topic of e-cigarettes.

Not to fear, this article is here to help you navigate vaping and how to handle it with children at any age and ensure you’re being a responsible parent. Whether you’re a parent, aunt, babysitter, teacher or the cool older cousin, we’ll answer all of your biggest questions. Read on below to find out more.


Are e-juice’s safe near kids?

The answer to this question is, kind of. Nicotine free e-juice isn’t going to make your kids ill by itself when it’s in vapour form, but the second hand vapour could be the cause of secondary health concerns like respiratory problems, or act as a carrier for germs that you might be carrying. Nicotine laced e-liquids could make your kid sick. Children don’t have the same level of tolerance to nicotine that adults do, so it’s possible that inhaling second-hand vapour could cause your child to overdose or experience ill effects as a result of the nicotine.

The other thing is, that drinking concentrated e-liquids is very dangerous. Whilst an adult e-cig user is unlikely to be tempted into drinking a yucky chemical concoction of vegetable glycerine or propylene glycol and flavourings, small children won’t know any better and since e-juices can smell and taste like fun fruity drinks, desserts or candy they can be tempting for kids to try. Concentrated e-juice, even without nicotine will make your child very, very ill. It’s important to treat e-liquids like prescription medication or cleaning chemicals around children and keep them out of their reach.


Allergies to propylene glycol

Some people will experience allergies to propylene glycol, so if you’re vaping around the home and your child is showing signs of an allergy you should be aware that your e-juice is a possible culprit.


Is it safe to vape around children?

The level of safety when vaping around kids is dependent on what you’re vaping. Pure vegetable glycerine without nicotine is unlikely it will harm your child, but it’s generally better to be safe rather than sorry and keep them out of the area when vaping. One thing that many people forget to consider is that vapour, even when it’s just VG and flavour, can be dehydrating. For children this can be dangerous, especially when in a small or confined space.


Can you vape in the car with a child?

In Australia it’s actually against the law to smoke or vape in a vehicle with children under 16, so avoid turning on your e-cigarette when travelling in the car with children.


Tips for parents

The key to balancing your parenting responsibilities and vaping in your home is to set clear boundaries and be mindful of safety around your children. The main things to remember is that you should keep all equipment and e-liquids out of the reach of children and in child-proof containers, to avoid any accidents. You should find an area where you can vape away from your child, and talk honestly with your child about vaping.…